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Thrive Market $100 discount offer

After you purchase your NutriBullet Balance, all first-time Thrive Market customers will receive an email invite to sign up for a free 30-day trial and redeem $100 in discounts offer! To redeem, all new customers can click on the link and receive $20 off their first 5x purchases of $49 or more - which can be used within the free 30 day trial or extend beyond if you decide to become an annual Thrive Market customer for $59 per year. Altogether, that is $100 off wholesale priced organic groceries. Plus, all of your purchases are delivered right to your front door and free shipping is available for all orders of $49+. Offer available to contiguous US residents only.

This offer is for NutriBullet Balance purchasers only, but as our gift to you... you can keep the $100 in grocery discounts just for trying the NutriBullet Balance.

What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is an online marketplace that offers organic, nutritious foods, along with nontoxic home and personal care essentials at discounted prices—and delivers everything right to your door. Here are just a few perks you can enjoy from Thrive Market:

  • 25-50% savings on brands you know and love
  • Shop by category and dietary needs
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • An opportunity to help make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone

How does the Thrive offer work?

To redeem your $100 of free grocery discounts from Thrive Market, you can click the link on your order confirmation page after checkout - or go to ThriveMarket.com/Balance to redeem!

Once you shop their site and add all your favorite items to your cart, you will receive $20 off your first five orders of $49 or more! You have one year to redeem all 5x $20 coupons, so make sure you use them to get plenty of organic smoothie ingredients to be SMART with your NutriBullet Balance!

After your free 30 day trial to Thrive Market ends, you will be invited to join their for $59.95 a year. By joining Thrive Market, you will continue to get 25-50% off all your favorite smoothie ingredients shipped to your door and receive daily promotions as a membership perk!

All together, Thrive Market is offering you $100 of FREE organic grocery discounts, so shop today!

Do I have to sign up for Thrive to access my discounts?

You will need to provide your email address and create an account to access your discounts.

Correct! Anyone who clicks on their link must enter their email address on our site to be qualified for the purchase and for the discount to appear in the cart at checkout.

Do I have to provide my email address?

Yes, you must provide your email address to take advantage of the discounts.

Must I pay the Membership Fee to Use my discounts?

No, your initial registration will be used to access your initial $20 discounts on each of your first 5 orders of $49 during the 30-day trial period. You may use up to all 5 of your discounts during this trial period if desired. At the end of the trial period your will be invited to become a member and continue to receive the benefits of great products and pricing from Thrive Market for just $59 per year.

No. At first checkout, all new Thrive Market customers receive a free 30 day trial to their community. You are able to use one or all 5x $20 discounts during your free 30 day trial. At the end of the 30 day trial is when you will be invited to join their community for $59.95 per year. Any unused coupons will carry over into your membership.

How Much is the Thrive Membership Fee?

$59.95 per year

How much must I order to receive the discounts?

Each of your first 5 orders must be for at least $49. You will receive a discount code to use to place each order and receive your $20 discount. The discounts must be used on your first 5 orders and the discount codes must be used in sequence.

Each of your first 5x orders must be $49 or more to redeem your $20 off. The discount will automatically apply at checkout once your cart surpasses $49, so no coupon is needed! The $20 discount must be used on your first 5x orders of $49 or more - if you have any order that is under the $49 threshold during your first 5x purchases on our site, it will count as one of your first 5 purchases, and thus deduct from your total coupons available.

For example: if order number one is over $49, you get the $20 discount. If order number 2 is under $49, you do not get the discount, but you will still get the $20 discount on orders three four and five assuming you spend over $49 dollars - i.e. the offer does not carry into a 6th purchase.

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